spacerTexas Tech offers many services to help our students succeed from their freshmen year through graduation, and beyond. Below are a few examples of these services that we thought you as parents would be most concerned with.

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Texas Tech offers career guidance and help for all majors, freshmen through seniors. Students have access to an extensive Job Bank for internships, student jobs and career placement, as well as career assessments to select career paths based on the their strengths.

Career Services recognizes that as a parent or family member, you are the most important career coach your student has. As such, the Director of Career Services has this to say to all parents and family members of our students:

Because University Career Services sees a student's career development as a part of a student's overall college and life experience, our focus is to assist in career development and education. University Career Services not only provides an extensive "job bank" software, but we also counsel with your student to explore deep into all the factors that influence his or her decision on careers. Through counseling efforts we can help your student select career paths and internship endeavors. 

Even though your student is in college and starting to make his or her own decisions, you as a parent can continue to play an important role in helping your student make effective decisions. The purpose of this department is to give you an avenue by which you can have your questions and concerns addressed. University Career Services at Texas Tech wishes to provide you with resources with which you can become a career coach for your student and to suggest ways in which you as a parent can become more involved with the Career Services as well as with the University at large.

Visit the Texas Tech Career Services website for more information.

Also, be sure to visit the Return section of this website to see how Texas Tech students perform in the workforce after graduation.




Texas Tech is home to a state-of-the-art on-campus Student Wellness Center that is as good or better than any emergency room in your hometown. What sets it apart from other universities is that it is provided under a contract with Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, a leader in education and patient care.

Most health services are included as part of our student fees. Any additional charges are covered under any insurance company contracted with the TTUHSC. Additionally, if any further care is needed above what we can provide at the Wellness Center, we can follow up with your student at the HSC.

It is the providers that make the Student Wellness Center stand out. The Student Wellness Center uses providers at the prime of their career.

Our doctors are board-certified physicians and faculty at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, and all of them stay on the forefront of health treatments. Because of this, they also can manage to follow up with students who get admitted to the hospital.

The Student Wellness Center does more than heal. We teach students how to take care of themselves, from preventative care to the basics of making appointments. Many students don’t even understand what a symptom is, which prevents them from knowing what to report to setup a proper appointment. We take the time to step them through everything they need to know.

Student Health Services also takes preventative care very seriously. We teach them how to take care of themselves and how to avoid things like high blood pressure. Education is done directly through the health provider, and there is also plenty of information on the Student Health website from providers and nursing staff.

Our hope is that by educating students early to start taking care of themselves, we can help keep the cost of health care down by reducing diseases and ailments as they get older. To reach more students, Student Health Services also holds awareness events on campus, including:

  • National Depression Month
  • Safe Spring Break 
  • Sex education
  • Sessions on body tattooing, drugs and alcohol
Visit the Student Health Services website for specific information.



Moving to a new city and entering college life can be daunting enough without having to worry about finding a job. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs right on campus for your student. And we also offer services to help your student find a job off-campus. 

The Red Raider Student Employment Center is a free service to all full or part-time Texas Tech students, regardless of financial need. They help current students find jobs both on and off campus. There is a minimum of 100 job postings listed at all times, and approximately 1,600 students are hired annually through this office.

For on-campus employment, positions are available in nearly every department, ranging from the on-campus daycare center to the meat lab. Most positions involve general clerical work, but there is a wide variety of work available.

Texas Tech also offers a Federal Work Study program on a need-based situation. Work study students receive financial aid in exchange for work. The awarded amount is not applied directly to registration expenses and fees, and students have to work in order to receive the amount of money awarded to them.

Work Study is not a student loan. Students do not have to pay any of the awarded money back after graduation, nor will it it go against their financial aid eligibility in future years. A completed FAFSA is required to determine eligibility.

Contact the Student Employment Center for more information about finding a job for your student or about Federal Work Study.


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